Exhibition Work
“Trigger Design Show NYC” collaboration with Lence Zhang
CultureFix, 9 Clinton St, New York, NY, 2014

Provbot (Providence + Robot) is a conceptual design based on the idea that crime can be discouraged by using graphic design strategies. The idea consists of two main parts.

The first part is to place signage in areas where crime has happened to make people aware of potential dangers. By using light-hearted characters and intuitive icons, the public is encouraged to be more aware without being scared.

The second part is to project virtual characters in public space that help maintain a sense of safety. The characters act as passerbys so people do not feel alone at night. In cases of emergency, the characters can also help to direct attention and police to those in need. As a public service, the city would install industrial projectors in strategic locations.

A mobile app is proposed as a functional component of this concept. People would be able to use the app to direct the Provbot using GPS data. The closest police station would also be notified if the user needs help.